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TEKHNO-ALMAZ, Limited Liability Company is engaged in the manufacture of diamond tools used for drilling exploration wells. Due to many years of experience in the development and manufacture of tools, TEKHNO-ALMAZ currently occupies one of the leading places among manufacturers and suppliers of modern diamond drilling tools. The Company’s sufficient production facilities, its flexible manufacturing structure, and the high professionalism of its specialists allow to make and to supply in a short time tools adapted to the user’s specific geological and technical conditions, while meeting domestic and international standards. The high quality of TEKHNO-ALMAZ’ tools allows to increase its production volumes every year, to enhance the range of products, and to expand the geography of supplies. All our products are designed to help users minimize downtime and maximize the production capacity. Our objective is always clearly marked: development of safe and environmentally friendly products with sustainable performance.

Products manufactured by TEKHNO-ALMAZ are conform to the European quality.

Drilling bits and reamers use synthetic single-crystal diamonds which feature extremely high hardness and wear resistance, ensuring a high penetration rate and a greater drilling efficiency.

Depending on the hardness, abrasiveness, and other properties of the drilled rocks, crowns and reamers use diamonds of various quality and grain sizes. The sizes of diamonds in tools are different: for harder rocks, crown use smaller diamonds, whereas for relatively soft rocks, coarse grain diamonds.

Having high physical and mechanical properties, synthetic diamonds are successfully used both in single-layer and in impregnated crowns.

The ability to control the set of physical and mechanical properties of diamonds, their structure and shape in the synthesis allows to produce highly efficient rock cutting tools based on synthetic diamonds.

Diamonds used in TEKHNO-ALMAZ drill bits meet the highest quality standards. They are carefully selected and subjected to comprehensive control according to the methods adopted in the world practice.